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How It Works

An Alternative Payment Model (APM) is a payment approach that gives added incentive payments to provide high-quality and cost-efficient care. APMs can apply to a specific clinical condition, a care episode, or a population.

In the Advanced APM track of the Quality Payment Program, you may earn a 5 percent incentive for achieving threshold levels of payments or patients through Advanced APMs. If you achieve these thresholds, you are excluded from the MIPS reporting requirements and payment adjustment.

If you’re in a specific type of APM called a “MIPS APM” and you are not excluded from MIPS, you may be scored using a special APM scoring standard. The APM scoring standard is designed to account for activities already required by the APM. For example, the APM scoring standard eliminates the need for MIPS clinicians to duplicate submission of Quality and Improvement Activity performance category data and allows them to focus instead on the goals of the APM.

Most Advanced APMs are also MIPS APMs so that if an eligible clinician participating in the Advanced APM does not meet the threshold for sufficient payments or patients through an Advanced APM in order to become a Qualifying APM Participant (QP), thereby being excluded from MIPS, the MIPS eligible clinician will be scored under MIPS according to the APM scoring standard.

Information for Advanced APMs and MIPS APMs may change each Performance Year (PY).

2017 APM Information

In Performance Year 2017, the following models are Advanced APMs:

Once you're in an Advanced APM, you'll earn the 5 percent incentive payment in 2019 for Advanced APM participation in Performance Year 2017 if:

You'll need to send in the quality data required by your Advanced APM. Your model's website will tell you how to send in your Advanced APM's quality data.

If you leave the Advanced APM during Performance Year 2017, you should make sure you've seen enough patients or received enough payments through an Advanced APM to qualify for the 5 percent bonus. If you haven't met these thresholds, you may need to submit MIPS data to avoid a downward payment adjustment.

You can use the QPP Participation Status tool to check your APM participation, which includes your Qualifying APM Participant (QP) status.

The Methodology Fact Sheet can help you understand how we determined the QP Status based on eligible clinician performance.

2018 APM Information

In Performance Year 2018, the following models are Advanced APMs:

Once you're in an Advanced APM, you'll earn the 5 percent incentive payment in 2020 for Advanced APM participation in Performance Year 2018 if:

If you leave the Advanced APM during Performance Year 2018, you should make sure you've seen enough patients or received enough payments through an Advanced APM to qualify for the 5 percent bonus. If you haven't met these thresholds, you may need to submit MIPS data to avoid a downward payment adjustment.

[MORE: How to Answer: What Is Your Greatest Strength? (with 60+ options plus sample answers) and Gayle Textile PointedToe Pumps v8HFMPNr

Be careful about this question for several reasons:

It doesn’t mean that you have “landed the job.” They may be just checking to add that to their notes. You must keep your guard up until you are in your car and driving away from the interview.

If you are currently employed, you should be honest about the start date and show professionalism. You should tell them you would have to discuss a transition with your current company to see if they require a two-week notice (or some other timing). If you currently have a critical role, your potential new employer would expect a transition period.

If you can start right away (and they know you are not currently employed), you certainly can say you’re able to start tomorrow. Sense of urgency and excitement about starting work at the new company is always a good thing.

[MORE: How to Answer: When Can You Start? (with sample answers) .]

You may have found the opportunity through research on ideal jobs where you can make the most impact and hope to grow professionally.

I would also hope you looked for companies that you feel meet your standards for corporate culture, investment in employees, successful business model (or perhaps giving back to community), and any other aspects you feel are important to you.

Make sure you can go into a little detail on what you found in your research.

The “job” may have found you. In that case, you can say you were contacted by HR or a recruiter who felt you were a good fit. But don’t leave it there.

The “job” may have found you.

You should still mention you did your homework and verified that this is right for you -- as a potential contributor to the company’s success, and as a good match for what you’re looking for in an employer.

[MORE: How to Answer: How Did You Find This Job? (with sample answers) .]

There should be a heartfelt answer on this one. Your gut should be giving you the answer.

Although, if the reason is about money, location, work schedule, benefits, and other factors not tied to actual role, you may want to think a little more about your answer. None of those reasons are important to the hiring manager.

Focus on them: They want to hear that this job is exactly what you’ve been thinking about as a next step in your career.

Of course, the follow-up question they’ll ask is: How so?

Be prepared to answer that with your rationale for how this job meets your professional needs and how you can contribute at your highest potential while in this role. People want to feel like their work means something. There is nothing wrong with sharing that feeling in a thoughtful way.

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