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We Treat You Like Family!

At Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating Air, our goal is to provide you with superior plumbing services, heating services, and AC services. Schneller serves the entire Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, including Covington, KY, and we strive to make sure our plumbing company and HVAC company live up to the highest standards.

AC Services

Schneller Knochelmann can help with your heating and cooling needsin Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, including Covington, KY. Our AC company offers the following air conditioner services:

Call our AC company in Cincinnati and Covington to schedule an appointment for air conditioner services.

Heating Services

We provide homeowners in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, including Covington with unparalleled heating services. With our HVAC company, you get quality heating services that prioritize your needs. Our Cincinnati heating services include:

Call our HVAC company in Cincinnati and Covington to schedule an appointment for heating services.

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Schneller has the best Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky plumbers for 24-hour plumbing repairs.Our plumbers can be at your home in no time, and handle the following:

Call our plumbers in Cincinnati and Covington to schedule an appointment for plumbing services.

The Knochelmann family has a long history in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry. Kris learned the value of good customer service and quality workmanship from his father, John Knochelmann, Sr. At Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating Air, you can expect more from our top-rated plumbing company and HVAC company serving the Cincinnati and Covington, KY areas.

Our HVAC company and plumbing company are available 24 hours a day for plumbing services, heating services, and AC services in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, including Covington.

Work with our HVAC company and plumbing company in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky—call 513-407-4424 or 859-757-1877for plumbing, heating, and cooling services!

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When the power kicks off in your Cincinnati home, it robs you of tons of amenities and comforts. Now you can’t cook, you can’t clean, can’t watch the television—depending on Read more

We Treat You Like Family!

Schneller Family Promise
Schneller 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.
"The guys showed up on time, as usual. They came in went straight to work, did not make a mess and everything was just fine with my furnace and ac unit. They explained everything they did and I was satisfied with their work. Schneller installed a new HVAC system 3 years ago and I have been very satisfied with every aspect this company. From the initial install to the yearly tune ups I could not be happier!"
- Greg Johnson – Withamsville, Ohio
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"The guys showed up on time, as usual. They came in went straight to work, did not make a mess and everything was just fine with my furnace and ac unit. They explained everything they did and I was satisfied with their work. Schneller installed a new HVAC system 3 years ago and I have been very satisfied with every aspect this company. From the initial install to the yearly tune ups I could not be happier!"
- Greg Johnson – Withamsville, Ohio
"I have had very good experiences with Schneller over the past few years. All of the techs that have come to the house have been professional, respectful and knowledgeable. All of their suggestions and advice are offered in a friendly, non-forceful way. I appreciate the honesty and integrity of the Schneller team."
- Ellen K - Union, Ky
"Over the years we have hired several companies to care for our heating, air conditioning and plumbing. Obviously, they weren't the quality we had expected. I am so glad that we found Schneller. I found them on Angie's List with a very high rating. Now that they have been here we couldn't be happier. Quality of service is top notch. Developing a relationship with a company such as Schneller is a comfort. I KNOW we are in good hands. They have the knowledge, longevity and excellent customer service we were looking for. Don't bother with the rest when you can have the BEST! Don't hesitate to hire Schneller for your HVAC or plumbing needs, you won't be disappointed."
- DeborahO - Florence, KY
"Mike was so impressive in his knowledge of various plumbing products --- and his installation was even more so. Prompt, courteous, immaculate clean up, and efficient!"
-Ellen G - Cincinnati, OH
"We recently bought a 130 year old house and have needed help on several occasions with plumbing and boiler issues. I have been extremely satisfied Schneller's service each and every time. They come promptly, they're friendly and knowledgeable, and they always make sure the job is done right. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!"
-Elizabeth M - Cincinnati, OH
"Iwould never call anyone else. Everyone from the office staff to the technicians are courteous, and pleasant. Appointments are always on time, and with the many problems we've encountered with our home, they have always gone above and beyond to provide the best service. Thank you for your professional excellence with Heating, Air, and Plumbing."
-BarbaraM -Villa Hills, KY
"Just wanted to let you know a couple of your guys were at my house yesterday morning to fix my water heater. They were very professional and represented your company very well. In fact, with the last two visits your guys have made I realized how valuable the annual service contract would be, so I signed up!"
- Joe
"Keep providing honest, reliable, fair service like this and you've gained a customer for life!"
- Scott
"Rick is a fine knowledgeable technician. He treated us like family. I am a retired HVAC technician myself for the Catholic school system. I have already referred them."
- John
"Hands down, excellent service, extremely knowledgeable, will definitely use again. I already have!"
- Jamie
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Artikel von Ludwig Cramer-Klett

Manuela Rehn and Jörg Reuter of the eco strategy consultancy „Grüne Köpfe“ (i.e. green heads), are making a dream of theirs come true. In their delicacy store “Vom Einfachen das Gute” (i.e. of all things simple, all things good), they sell foods following the motto, “eat nothing of which you don’t know the story” and thereby demonstrate their own understanding of quality and sustainability.

CFL: With “Vom Einfachen das Gute” you’ve created a type of delicacy story that perfectly fits the current spirit of the time. Your shelves are stocked with Slow Food products from all over the world. When did the idea for this arise?

EG: We had the original idea four years ago. We were sitting in the restaurant Terroir, while in Switzerland for a consultancy project, which unfortunately has closed down in the meanwhile. The restaurant exclusively served Swiss products. We liked that a lot. We appreciated how comfortably the Swiss handle “Swissness”. We wondered why there was no such thing as “Germanness”. The term itself even makes you shudder. So we started thinking about whether it would be possible to establish a type of new “Germanness”. By showing people that there’s no need to travel to France for good cheese, nor to Spain or Italy for good ham. We let the idea simmer for a couple of years. Early this year we started putting it into action and opened the store six months later.

CFL: …and ended up not specializing in German products at all.

Indeed. Somehow we felt this would be too limiting. Especially when you want to fill an entire store. Also, it would have been too bad to have to pass on great items like this delicious Iberian ham. But first and foremost, we recognized somehow that “Germanness” just isn’t us. To be honest, this whole discussion about regionality kind of annoys us. We believe that above all it’s emotional proximity that’s important. It’s really not a matter of kilometers, as long you have some kind of emotional relation. So we prefer focusing on telling the story of our products. When you do that, all of a sudden Iberian ham is just as close to home as Baltic ham.

CFL: Apart from this new venture, you consult companies regarding sustainability. Emotional proximity aside, isn’t there an understanding that it would be important to shop regionally for purely ecological reasons?

EG: Above all, we are strategists and not environmental experts. We support big companies in integrating sustainability and responsibility into their product palette, so it adds to the brand. The fact of the matter is, the term “regionality” is worn out. It is unclear how ecologically valuable regionality truly is. There are studies, for example, that prove that mutton from large New Zealand farms has a better ecological balance than if you end up trucking around to ten different regional farmers.

It bears remembering: Whether its retail or gastronomy, in the end you’re entirely dependent on the customer’s willingness to pay your price. In our opinion, consumers will never reward this whole food miles gimmick. Emotional proximity is much better at generating such willingness.

We make decisions based on the following rule: The more generic the product, the more important the geographic proximity is. Generic means: little processing. So, for products like milk, apples, tomatoes, there is no good reason why these should come from Lake Constance or Italy, when these things grow here all the same. But the more complex a product gets, the higher the demands towards raw materials and recipe, the more important emotional proximity is. Then 500 km make no difference at all. That’s why our store offers such a broad variety. If we can sell jam from Berlin or tomatoes from the Uckermark, why should we buy them from where ever else. However, we have a high emotional proximity to friends of ours from Dresden, which is 200km away, so we prefer selling the jam that they make. Another fitting example is butter. We typically offer butter from the Brandenburg region. But we also offer French salted barrel butter because it’s a specialty and has tradition and you simply can’t get anything like it here.

CFL: So one could say that you try to influence the consciousness of the consumer, without prescribing their choices. By means of emotional proximity people’s consciousness is expanded and they’re left to develop a personal form of responsible behavior of their own accord.

EG: Exactly. This is what led us to diverge from the idea of “Germanness” in the end. This would have been nothing but a new dictation, a marketing concept, without any true soul. But what we do, is all about soul.



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/ Natural spaces / Reunion National Park

An exceptional natural area at the heart of the island

Reunion has a stunning array of natural riches and extremely valuable biodiversity.

The mountainous interior of Les Hauts de la Réunion offers visitors spectacular vistas and an exceptional natural environment, protected by its national park status. This is the only French national park with its core and four adjacent sites inscribed by Unesco on its prestigious list of natural World Heritage sites. The varied scenery, made up of the Pitons, cirques and remparts, as well as the rich fauna and flora, make the island a truly unique destination. The fact that it is an island, along with the high relief and specific climatology, have given rise to some very diverse natural environments and numerous endemic species. What is also special about the park is that it includes a number inhabited areas where people live in very close contact with nature (islets of the Cirque de Mafate and the islets of Trois Salazes in the Cirque de Cilaos ). The island's relief comprises two adjoining massifs. The first is Piton des Neiges, famous for its three cirques, which were formed by major landslides and erosion. They are set out in the shape of the "ace of clubs" around the Piton des Neiges volcano, demarcated by towering remparts. The Piton de la Fournaise massif includes one of the most active and most closely monitored volcanoes in the world. It last erupted in June 2014. In the towns in the Les Hauts area, the link between the earth and nature can be seen everywhere in the crop plantations, gardens and colourful creole houses that await visitors. The difficulty in accessing these unspoilt areas "in the middle of nowhere", when combined with the meeting of different cultures, offers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of urban life experienced on the coast.

Unesco Cirque de Cilaos
At the heart of the national park , there are four other areas, listed below, forming the site listed on the World Heritage list:
Along the different paths that cross the island, you will meet agents employed by the Réunion national park. They are recognisable by their uniform and organise regular events for visitors et emblematic tourist sites on Sunday mornings or public holidays. Feel free to put your questions to them - they'll be delighted to share their knowledge on the island's natural, cultural and landscape heritage.
The main missions of the Réunion national park. Safeguarding natural and cultural heritage in the core of the park by making sure regulations are applied.

On 21 August 2014, François Hollande, the French president, inaugurated the Maison du Parc National de La Réunion at Plaine des Palmistes.

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